Until an in-person tour is possible, you can find us at:

August 4th — 4:00p EST @ online with Burning Books, Buffalo NY // in conversation with Shane Burley about Solidarity and Anti-racist coalitions SIGN UP HERE!

August 8th — 3:00p EST @ online with Wooden Shoe Books, Philly, PA // in conversation with Dr. Ed Onaci about Accomplices and Coalitions SIGN UP HERE!

August 9th — 5:00p EST @ online with Powell’s Books, Portland, OR // in conversation with Mark Bray about Lessons for Today’s Movements SIGN UP HERE!

August 27th — 12:00p EST @ online with Carmichael’s Books, Louisville, KY // in conversation with Susan Reverby about State repression SIGN UP HERE!

Order No Fascist USA! directly from City Lights/Open Media.